How to Get Lucky

Do you want to get lucky? Actually, there are many very specific techniques for generating luck in your life, many based on important research that has been done in the last twenty years. One of the simplest ways to get lucky is to just start looking for good luck.

Now that doesn’t mean that you can want a lot of money, just start looking for it and get lucky enough for it to be there. But think about getting lucky – don’t think about losing. Don't wait for luck to find you – look for it in all that you do.

You have probably noticed that if you start looking to buy a car of a certain type, they are suddenly all over. They were there before, but now you are seeing them, because you are looking. More specifically, it is due to your reticular cortex. This small organ in the brain directs incoming stimulus to your conscious or unconscious mind. If you are looking for a type of car, it helps you out by letting you be more consciously aware of those cars.

This "gatekeeper" of the mind works in any area you choose. If you start looking for luck, it will help you find it. It helps you "tune into" opportunity once you have decided that this is important. The simplest way to activate this is to start counting the ways you are already lucky. Soon you'll have even more luck.

Why Not Get Lucky Today?

There are those who will tell you that God or the universe brings luck into your life once there's gratitude in your heart. This actually describes the process pretty well, but here is a less spiritual explanation: When you acknowledge the luck you have, and you start looking for more, you create a certain frame of mind - one that helps you take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise not recognize. You are instructing your reticular cortex to let information about potential opportunities rise to a conscious level.

For example, suppose a friend mentions that a furniture store is going out of business. Normally, you might think nothing of it. But because you have been counting your blessings and looking for more examples of your good luck, your mind is thinking "Hmm, how could this be an opportunity?" Then it occurs to you that the company you work for has been considering getting a several new desks, and that they are on sale for 60% off at this store. You tell your boss. The company saves hundreds of dollars, the boss is impressed by how you took the initiative, and he gives you a raise. You get lucky.

Noticing how lucky you are, even in small ways, makes the possibility of good luck more real to you. This gets you watching, and the watching gets you thinking, "How is this lucky for me? Can I do something beneficial with this situation? You'll notice is that you feel better if you try this, and you'll see results. Gratitude is good for you, and it won't be your imagination when you start to get lucky.

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