Getting Lucky - Some Tips

The following tips on getting lucky apply to any area of life where you need a bit of luck. Consider this the ultra-short version of Secrets of Lucky People (with about two-thirds of the important principles left out).

Have Courage

How do you gain courage? Not by waiting for it to happen. You do what you need to do despite the fear, and then acting in the face of fear becomes habit. Have courage and luck is much more likely.

Be in the Right Place

If you want to be on stage, try New York. If you want to be the best mountain climber, move to a state with mountains. People say "he was just in the right place at the right time"to explain luck, but you get to choose where you are, don't you?

Be Prepared

How do you prepare for luck? By having certain key elements arranged in your life, so you are ready to take advantage of any opportunities that come up. After all, who gets lucky, the guy who sees a Corvette worth $8,000 for sale for $3,000 but is broke, or the guy who sees it and has money in the bank. Prepare.

Know the Right People

Don't complain that others get the breaks because they know the right people. Just start getting to know the right people.

Train Your Mind

When is an opportunity not an opportunity? When you don't see it! Consciously look for the opportunities in every situation until your mind does this habitually.

Do the Work

We hear about overnight successes a lot, especially in the performing arts. One day a band is unknown and the next month they are famous. This story usually ignores the ten years of small gigs and hard work that preceded their "overnight" success.

Ask For It

How do you get more of what you want? Ask for it! This is most obvious in negotiating. Those who routinely ask for too much usually get a better deal.

Finally, for those of you who thought this page might be about getting lucky with the opposite sex, it is. You can apply any and all of the above short lessons to this as well as any other part of your life.

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