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Do good luck coins really exist? Who can say for sure? I can tell you right now that I don't carry such things, and I've had plenty of luck in my life. I just discovered however, that hundreds of people per month are searching the internet for information on coins and other items which are supposed to bring luck to the possessor.

People want lucky coins for all kinds of things. Some people want them for luck in specific events like when playing sports or gambling. Other people just want to have one in their pocket all the time for general good luck every day. So the following is my idea of what "good luck coins" might consist of.

Each and every day, throw all the change in your pockets into a jar and save it for important goals. That makes these into lucky coins. Why? Well, this is really about saving money in general, and always having some excess cash available. Let's take a look at why this generates good luck.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

A question: Is it lucky to run across a half-priced sale on your favorite jeans or computer or car? That depends on whether you have the money to take advantage of it, doesn't it? It's a simple idea, but often people have what we call good luck only because they have some extra cash available when they need it - and that is something almost anyone can arrange.

For some of you reading this, that may sound like a real challenge, but you can do it. Consider for a moment that there are people living on less money than you - probably people you know. Why not live like they do for a while, and bank the money you save?

This goes beyond simple examples into almost every area of life, by the way. Opportunity knocks all the time for those who have arranged their finances to take advantage of it. If you have a 20% down payment on a house, for example, financing is easier and you don't have to pay for mortgage insurance. If you pay cash for other things, you avoid doubling the costs through interest payments on credit cards.

Two people living on the same income can often have very different results in life. You pay less when you have cash available, so you get more. A person who pays with credit cards is usually broke, and has a huge diversion of money every month going to pay interest. That person might wonder at the luck of someone who can buy a boat for half of what it is worth, not noticing that the opportunity was there for anyone who chose to divert a bit of their fast food expenditures (or pick any other thing that's not so important to have) into a savings account.

Reducing Stress

It is also true that those who have no savings are generally prone to having more stress. It isn't pleasant to have bills come in and not have the money to pay them. It isn't comfortable to know that if anything unexpected happens, you're going to be in financial trouble. Those with money in the bank don't have these issues to worry about.

Does that make them luckier? I think so. Certainly they can more easily think about what they want to do rather than about what problems they might have at any time. We also think better when we are not stressed out. This has been proven in many studies of the human brain. Is it possible you would have more of what we call luck if you could think more clearly?

By having money set aside you multiply the possible opportunities available to you and reduce the stress that could cloud your thinking. This is one powerful way to generate more luck in your life. Why not create a "luck fund" right now. You can start it with those good luck coins in your pocket.

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