Good Luck Poem

Here's a little good luck poem that points out some of the errors in thinking that prevent a person from having more luck.

Unlucky Joe

Good luck never came to Joe,
Every day was the same.
Bad luck was his destiny,
Or at least this was his claim.

Life is unfair he said.
When do I get MY lucky break?
He envied the lives of others,
You know, the luck they make.

Opportunity knocked a thousand times,
But he never went to the door.
Others just had more luck than him,
And he was keeping score.

He waited for his ship to come in,
Cherishing this fantasy the most.
But he pretended it didn't matter,
That he was nowhere near the coast.

The luck that some people had!
Like those who had the money.
With their habits that Joe derided,
When he thought he was being funny.

And the men who were lucky with women,
Surely this was unfair.
All they did was ask them out,
Something simple that Joe wouldn't dare.

He excused his lack of effort.
For others it was easy, he lied.
He pointed only to their success,
Ignoring the dozen times they tried.

He wanted to fight reality,
And this was why he was stuck.
So while Joe justified his ways,
Others had all the good luck.

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