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How can you have more luck with employment? Keep reading. What about dating, writing, and other endeavors? We'll look at some of those too. In fact, I'm going to tackle some common complaints about bad luck or about situations where people want to get luckier. Then, for each of them, I'm going to apply the lessons from "Secrets of Lucky People" to suggest a few specific steps to take to have more good luck. Let's get started...

I want to find a job, and I'm having no luck.

True story: Years ago a friend was complaining about her bad luck in finding a job. She had applied at the places most likely to be hiring, she told me, as he sat in my living room at one in the afternoon. "I'll take anything I can get, but there's nothing out there," he complained. I told her to start going door-to-door, literally stopping at every single business on a street asking if they are hiring, and to keep doing that all day long every day. She thought it was a "stupid waste of time," and she got angry with me when I insisted it made more sense than her approach. She left upset, but went business-to-business as I suggested, just to prove me wrong. She found a job that day (and a better one a few months later).

Making your own luck by persevering is the topic of Chapter 11 in Secrets of Lucky People. In it I take a look at how to persevere. You see, just doing the same thing over and over really isn't the best way to go. Wise perseverance is the key.

I am unlucky with women, and haven't had a date in years.

Chapter One touches on dating, starting with a true story of a man who got many dates even though he was kind of a jerk. His secret was a simple one; he had the courage to keep asking out women until some said yes. Courage, by the way, is not a preexisting condition. It comes from taking action even when you are afraid, and only becomes a character trait when you do that repeatedly. There are also at least a dozen other techniques in the book for getting lucky in love.

I want to have more luck with my writing career.

Here are three things you can do to get luckier with your writing:

1. Write at least five days each week.

2. Submit to publishers regularly, and ask for feedback. Some will tell you why they can't use your articles or book, and you can adjust your strategy.

3. Self-publish. I did this with a paperback version Secrets of Lucky People and a Tokyo publisher saw my book and paid me for the rights to publish it in Japanese. You can also publish e-books for free via Kindle, which pays you a 70% royalty for each one sold.

I want to win more games in my chess club.

Play more games, find players you can beat and play them, and start studying. You can also learn from better players, but watch what they do as much as what they say.

I want to my lucky break with my singing.

Get up on any stage and sing (see Chapter 1, on courage).

Go where people sing (see Chapter 2, on being in the right place).

Prepare for your lucky break (see Chapter 3, on luck preparations).

Start hanging around the right people (See Chapter 4).

Talk to people you barely know (see Chapter 5, on the value of acquaintances).

What else can you do? Pay attention (Ch. 8), develop the right frame of mind (Ch 9), adopt useful beliefs (Ch. 17), use what you have (Ch 20), learn how to motivate yourself (Ch. 30), and develop the right habits (Ch. 34).

I'm just tired of my bad luck. What can I do?

Bad things happen, and there is no avoiding that fact (and the painful reality of those events). But often we contribute to our own bad luck. We do things that are too risky for the reward, we miss out on a lucky opportunity because we didn't have the money saved up that was necessary, or we complain instead of taking action.

I cover "bad luck secrets" in the later chapters of the book, but one thing you can do right now to have more luck, is to start looking for the good in the bad things that happen. Chapter 13, Miss a Flight, Make a Billion, tells the true story of Richard Branson missing a flight and turning this inconvenience around into a money-making venture which was the inspiration for the very successful Virgin Airlines. Don't think that even the luckiest people have nothing bad happen to them. How they choose to think and act is what often makes the difference.

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