How to Be Luckier

Here's one way to be luckier: Buy Secrets of Lucky People. Of course you don't have to buy my book to get lucky. You can use any number of ways to generate more good luck in your life. But the point is that you have to do something if you want to see results.

Buy someone else's book on the topic if you think that will help. Read through all the free pages on this website and start applying the lessons you learn. Whatever you do to get luckier, do something.

Start today, so you won't procrastinate and forget (putting off action until "tomorrow" is the single most effective way to forget to do the things that improve our lives). There is power in beginnings. A momentum is created the moment you take that first step. Take it now.

This is all pretty vague so far, at least in regards to what you can do. So let's get more specific. Do one of the following today.

Right People

It matters who you know. Don't fret about whether this should be the way things are, just accept the fact and use it. If you want to have more luck in real estate investing, for example, join an investor's club. Search online right now for some group or person that can help you toward your goals, and make a phone call.

Right Places

It matters where you are. If you want to get your lucky break as a singer, start going where people sing. Find a karaoke bar you can sing at tonight and go there. Attend local performances and make a point to talk to the singers there. Ask them what they did to get where they are. Go where the action is.

Right Attitude

It matters how you think. We recently struggled to find a condo that would accept our two cats, and it was very frustrating. But I took that experience and created a new page for our real estate website, passing on to others what we learned about how to find a pet-friendly condo, and so making some revenue from our problem. Problems are often opportunities. List all the problems you have and then list what good things might come from them. Do this until you habitually look at things differently. The right attitude will make you luckier.

Read the Pages Here

As I said at the start of this page, you don't have to buy my book to get lucky (though it really will help), but you should do something. There are many pages on this website you can read. Do so today, and apply what you learn. You'll notice that you get luckier. Here are a few examples of those pages:

Beginners Luck - This one looks at why there really is such a thing as beginner's luck, and how you can use it.

How to Get Lucky - You'll see what the role of the reticular cortex is, and how to use this "gatekeeper" of the brain to your advantage.

Lucky Guy - A guy who got many dates, and what you can learn from him (whether you are a man or a woman, of course).

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