Lucky People?

Note: This is taken directly from the introduction in the book "Secrets of Lucky People." Use the link above or at the bottom of the page to order or get more information.

There are people who seem to lead a charmed life.

Some of these lucky people aren't even all that intelligent or skilled, and yet they seem to almost stumble into success. They have opportunities open up for them all the time. Things are handed to them. They win in the stock market, find their dream job, and get married to their ideal partner.

Then there are those who might joke that "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."

These are the perpetually unlucky people. You may know a few. They always seem to be unlucky in love, lose money when they invest, miss all the opportunities, have unexpected bad things happen, and generally struggle to gain any advantage in life.

Most of us are somewhere between these two extremes.

We have our share of "good luck". We have our share of "bad luck." We may never really know why, or whether there is something to be done about it.

There is! That's what this book is about.

But Is Good Luck Really Something Else?

What about the whole concept? Is there really such a thing as either good or bad luck, or is there another explanation? Is it just hard work? Are we somehow "cursed" or "blessed"? Or is "luck" just a lazy way to define the process of cause and effect?

Who cares!

You know it when you see it, right? To actually have good luck is more important than having an explanation or definition of it. The first lesson then, is that it is more profitable to make good things happen than to argue about definitions. The things you can make happen with this information will earn you the title of "lucky" even if you feel that "luck" had nothing to do with it, but don't sweat the label. Good results are good results, whatever they are called.

Now let's get started with a look at what lucky people are doing differently from others, and how you can have good luck too.

How to Use This Book

Before I started writing the introduction to this book, I went online to various search engines, to search the keywords "how to have good luck," "lucky guy," and "bad luck." What did I find? Web sites full of silly superstitions, lucky charms, and advice like "carry an acorn to ward off lightning" (no joke).


I haven't been hassled by lightning much, and I'm not into superstitions, so I hope you aren't looking for that kind of material here. This book is about practical, understandable techniques. Read it and you will know how to have good luck. Apply what you learn and you will be luckier.

Here are the basic premises:

1. "Lucky" people are those who have more happy surprises in their lives, and more good situations in general.

2. Their good luck is a result of the way they think and act.

3. You can use the powerful techniques and exercises here to become one of them.

Getting Started

We don't all learn in the same way...

(continued in the book)

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