What Is Good Luck?

You may not like my answer to the question, "What is good luck?" It is simply the otherwise unexplained good situations and surprises that happen to us. In that sense, the whole concept can be said to "disappear" if we can explain those things in other ways. For example, hard work results in much of what we refer to as luck. Being in the right place at the right time does as well.

But my more common answer to "What is good luck?" may be "Who Cares! Here is an excerpt from the introduction to "Secrets of Lucky People," which explains my perspective:

Is Good Luck Really Something Else?

What about the whole concept? Is there such a thing as either good or bad luck, or is there another explanation? Is it just hard work? Are we somehow "cursed" or "blessed"? Or is "luck" just a lazy way to define the process of cause and effect?

Who cares!

You know it when you see it, right? To actually have good luck is more important than having an explanation or definition of it. The first lesson then, is that it is more profitable to make good things happen than to argue about definitions. The things you can do with this information will earn you the title of "lucky" even if you feel that "luck" had nothing to do with it, but don't sweat the label. Good results are good results, whatever they are called.

Now let's get started with a look at what lucky people are doing differently from others, and how you can have good luck too.

Do These Luck Lessons and Exercises Really Work?

In the book that I mention the research of scientist Richard Wiseman in several chapters. In the course of his studies he ran a "luck school" that taught students how to be luckier. So how well did the students do? As it turns out, almost every participant in Wiseman's "luck school" reported significant changes in their lives, which included:

More good luck

More self esteem

More confidence

More success

If you put the principles of good luck to work, they really do change the results you get in life. In Secrets of Lucky People I not only explain these principles, but the first thirty chapters end with simple exercises that will get you thinking and acting the right way to bring opportunities into your life and take advantage of them.

For example, here's one simple success or "luck formula": When you feel the slightest motivation, take any small step towards your goal. Any action starts the process, and is better than nothing. There is a kind of momentum created by your thinking, and it is maintained by your actions, so take a step, and then another. Here are three small steps you can take right now: Go order the book, read the first chapter and do the exercise there.

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